WebsiteBaker Professionals Showcase

WebsiteBaker is known as the CMS that is extremely easy to operate. This is completely true.
This does not mean you cannot create a professional website using WebsiteBaker.

This website is dedicated to all professional webdesigners building websites using the most easy CMS in the world: WebsiteBaker

You can browse the designs other webdesigners have made, and rate their designs.
Please remember that website designs using WebsiteBaker as the CMS are not automatically public domain. Website designs are mostly copyrighted by law and cannot be used for your own designs.
If you are looking for free WebsiteBaker templates please go to the WebsiteBaker template browser.

If you are a WebsiteBaker webdesigner yourself you are invited to create an account and submit your work to this website.
Please note that this website is still in Beta. Please report any issues you find to info(at)

We now have 580 sites listed in our showcase!
169 professional webdesigners are
contributing to this website.